in the media

We don't know about all our media appearances.
Not all of them were archived either, but the ones we have (or have access to) you will find below :)

Year 2022/2023 In this season, although we were not present in nationwide media, our activity on social media brought us recognition. Especially on TikTok, we gained significant popularity, but our presence was also noticeable on other platforms. Instead of focusing on attractions such as a thermal receipt printer, this year we emphasized innovation and technology. The greatest achievement was the launch of control in a new location - at Britenet. This change opened new opportunities for us and allowed for further development and innovation. Our actions on social media, particularly on our Discord channel, built a strong and engaged community that actively supports our initiatives.

Year 2020 This season of lighting has been different, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The native scene, as well as other controls, have become unique for those people who, like every year, could not meet their loved ones, and the controls became a substitute for a festive atmosphere.

Instead of Tomek's house, the control was made available Mysterious Haven - a secluded house on the island, referring to loneliness caused by forced isolation and a pandemic.

Year 2019 This season there were no significant changes to the shows. The main part of the project focused on creating a new website.

Year 2018 This year we had a strong media presence. The media presented both the interactive Christmas nativity scene and the controls in Mateusz's house. We were first on the main newscast of Polsat TV'sWydarzenia(Events), and twice on the main newscast ofTeleexpresson TVP1. Lighting was presented in many places, also outside Poland.

In 2018, we were visited by 3,500 people, at the same time, which was due to the presentation of the project in the Polsat TV news program. It was a great test for us, the creators, and also for our infrastructure.

Kurier Lubelski: Szopka w Modliborzycach z oświetleniem sterowanym przez internet. Chętnych do zabawy nie brakuje Wyjątkowa szopka już działa. Każdy może nią sterować
Polish Internet Magazine in Australia: Interaktywna szopka z Modliborzyc dla świata
steemit: Interactive Crib - Crib Controlling via Internet
Radio Lublin: Interaktywna szopka na rynku w Modliborzycach
Kontakt24: Interaktywna szopka bożonarodzeniowa w Modliborzycach
Radio Leliwa: Modliborzyce: Interaktywna szopka bożonarodzeniowa
WorldCam: Interaktywna szopka
Sii Polska: Nasz kolega Tomek Siroń wpadł na niecodzienny pomysł💡⚙️
Ubiquiti Community: Crib contrlling via internet
INFORMACYJNA AGENCJA SAMORZĄDOWA: Modliborzyce: Bożonarodzeniowa szopka w nowej odsłonie
Urząd Miejski w Modliborzycach: Jedyna na świecie, interaktywna Szopka Bożonarodzeniowa w Modliborzycach

Year 2017 This season saw one of the breakthroughs for the project. With joint efforts we managed to establish cooperation with the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce with the support of the Youth City Council. The first in Poland, and maybe even in the world, interactive Christmas cribwas created. It was a special merit of Ms. Iwona Mańka - the MRM supervisor at that time.

In the 2017/2018 season, Mateusz joined the project by making his family home in Kraków available for control.

Gazeta Wyborcza: Szopki w lubelskich kościołach. Króluje klasyka, choć są wyjątki
Kurier Lubelski: Szopka w Modliborzycach z oświetleniem sterowanym przez internet. Chętnych do zabawy nie brakuje
Radio Lublin: Modliborzyce: świąteczna tradycja spotkała się z nowoczesnością
Dziennik Wschodni: Interaktywna szopka. Kolędę i oświetlenie zmień przez internet
Lublin112: Oświetleniem szopki sterują internauci. Uruchamiają iluminację, zmieniają jej kolory
Portal Polaków w UK TopMejt: Szopka zdalnie sterowana. Polska atrakcja podbija Internet!
Towarzystwo Jezusowe - portal społecznościowo-informacyjny 10 najbardziej nietypowych szopek bożonarodzeniowych
Informacyjna Agencja Samorządowa: Modliborzyce: Interaktywna szopka bożonarodzeniowa

Year 2016 This period brought about big changes. For the first time, the controls went beyond the homes of Krzysiek and Tomek. We appeared at the Lublin University of Technology and at the Poviat School Complex in Bieruń. The lighting could be controlled live for the first time by students and pupils of the above-mentioned educational institutions. The website has received a new look and additional optimizations.

Wiktor has also joined the project with his Christmas interactive illumination.

Year 2015 Krzysiek appeared in the Christmas project with his interactive Christmas tree. Thanks to the joint work, it was possible to improve video transmission and obtain the support of local internet providers. This year, the name of the project was also created - ( appeared in the media for the first time in its history. Kurier Lubelski was the first to get interested in the project, then the information was transferred to other websites and news platforms. The greatest popularity of the project was brought by the publication of the material on TVP1 - in the New Year's Eve edition of Teleexpress.
After the publication, the website was visited by over a thousand people at the same time. The website did not withstand this pressure, then we did not have experience in building an application with such a high popularity :), but we quickly made up for it.

Year 2014 The control application was made available for the first time via a link on the website, which deals with computer security. This resulted in a large, for that moment, interest, generating over 11 thousand. panel views with lighting

Year 2013 Tomek independently developed the project by improving the website, among other things, and moving the entire project from Windows XP to the Linux, Debian 7, operating system.

Year 2012 Tomek made the control available to the public on the Internet for the first time. The project was received very enthusiastically. Many users of the thematic forum had fun with the interactive illumination, sharing helpful tips and positive comments.