Our service respects the transparency principles known from open-source software and the early days of the internet when server access was open to everyone. That's why we openly share information about the operation of our servers. We want to demonstrate that our modern system is not only efficient but also open to our community. We provide current data on the uptime of our servers, their load, and internet bandwidth usage, giving insight into the daily functioning of our infrastructure. We understand that such data is usually confidential in business, but we prioritize openness, which builds trust and promotes knowledge sharing.

The set of servers our platform uses includes multimedia streaming servers, web servers, and auxiliary servers, each located in strategic geographic locations to optimize availability and performance. Here, we present statistics on uptime, load average, and bandwidth usage for each server. Publishing this data is our attempt to share interesting facts about the infrastructure that underlies our service while enabling the community to better understand and appreciate the sophistication and reliability of our technological solutions.

Hosting Servers

Streaming Servers

Tool Servers